I’ll have it done for tomorrow

I love hearing the evolution and progression of a band sound over time.Tomorrow my last flex day of the summer really wish they let us do this schedule for the entire year and not just during our busiest season. Can decide whether I want to do my usual low key “treat yo self” things (breakfast at my favorite spot, matinee for a movie I never be able to drag my husband to, maybe a Target run, etc. all by myself!) or spend the day cleaning and trying to get my house in order.

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moncler outlet store Why I’m not sure, I’ve forgotten. I’ve also lost my will to live. And did I mention no weight? I’ve lost no weight. Much moncler sale outlet of the value has been the sense of personal satisfaction from having accomplished it, which gets reinforced every two years when you re take the written test, assuming you pass, of course. I also believe it would ease my moncler factory outlet efforts should I decide or have to change jobs, but the older I get the less interested I am in doing that (I be 58 in a week).When I took the CCIE test there was only one so there was no “Routing and Switching” designation it just turned into that when Cisco added more specializations. I mostly work on security stuff (I worked on PIXes and beta tested the original ASA back when it was first coming out), so I taken the Security written test to recertify the past seven or eight times. moncler outlet store

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moncler online store Sadly (although, I guess for the best) nothing ever came of it. We spent some time apart. And I started to get really cheap moncler religious, so I tried not to think of her that way. Eir is understood to be considering the future of its contract with HCL Technologies, the Indian company to which it outsources its call centres, over a slew of issues surrounding poor customer service.It is understood that senior managers at Eir, which came under the control of French investors in April, have in recent months tried moncler sale to sort out the problems in a number of summits with HCL.Some senior managers within the telco are known to be extremely concerned at the service issues allegedly experienced by some of Eir’s customers.One major source of frustration is that some customers, who may be unable to resolve an issue via the outsourced call centre, end moncler outlet sale up going around it and contacting Eir directly through some other route.Eir said its contract with HCL remained “ongoing” but it acknowledged that it was working with the Indian company to raise standards at the call centres: “Both parties are constantly striving to improve the quality of service delivery.”The telco did not comment on rumours that it may eventually look to bring some or all of the call centre functions back inhouse, which could mean that some jobs were effectively “in sourced” once again.HCL employs close to 1,000 staff in Ireland on the Eir contract, the majority in Dublin at an old Eir building, Telephone House. Others are employed in Limerick and Cork at our website buildings that were also previously part of Eir’s estate. A number of HCL staff in India also work on the contract.There are fears among some of the Dublin based HCL staff working on the Eir contract that they could be asked to relocate out of the capital city if any major changes are made to the call centre arrangements in future.Sources suggested Eir was preparing to extend its facilities at Limerick and Cork, and may also look to refurbish a facility owned by the company in Sligo that could be suitable for use as a call centre.The fear among some staff is that, if the call centre function is taken back inhouse or otherwise altered, the Dublin unit could be a candidate for closure with staff potentially asked to relocate to one of the regional centres.Some of the customer service issues experienced by those who contacted Eir’s call centre were, until recently, outlined on Eir’s “community site” forum on the telco’s own website moncler online store.

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